Locations of Imerys Mines and Expansion Plants

  • Mobile expansion plants available globally
  • Locations in USA:
    • Imerys Mines
    • Antonito, CO
    • Superior, AZ
    • Imerys Expansion Plants
    • Escondido, CA
    • Green River, WY
    • La Porte, TX
    • Quincy, FL
    • Vicksburg, MI
    • Youngsville, NC

    • Rest of world:
    • Imerys Mines
    • Milos, Greece
    • Dikili, Turkey
    • Sardinia, Italy
    • Imerys Expansion Plants
    • Alicante, Spain
    • Barcelona, Spain
    • Corsico, Italy
    • Wissembourg, France
    • Bulgaria
    • Nanling, China
    • Asia Pacific Sales Offices
    • China HQ
    • Pittong, Australia
    • Beijing, China
    • Mumbai, India
    • Osaka, Japan
    • Seoul, Korea
    • Hong Kong

Global presence of mobile expanders

  • 4 mobile expanders in North America
  • 7 mobile expanders in Asia-Pacific

Locations of Imerys Perlite Mines and Expansion Plants

Strategic presence across USA


Imerys Mines and Expansion Plants map

Strategic presence around rest of world


Imerys Mines and Expansion Plants map

Imerys Cryogenic plant


Imerys Cryogenic Insulation Services 3 expanders setup


Imerys Soda Springs facility


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